We Don't Invest in Companies

We Invest in Revolutions

At Copious Capital, our team of VC veterans seeks out and invests in companies and technologies that will someday transform their categories.

We identify and select these companies, tech and ideas carefully, gravitating toward passionate, driven founders who understand and expect their VC partners to be just as innovative and driven.

One of our favorite examples (and recent successes) is Air Company.

Air Company is a lifestyle brand and technology company based in Brooklyn, New York.

What began as a casual conversation over drinks has become a game-changing lifestyle brand (and a revolutionary carbon-neutral vodka made from air) that, thanks to attention from XPrize and NASA, could soon be changing the future of space travel.

Where We're Coming From

Copious Capital is made up of a unique group of experienced entrepreneurs, longtime investors and capable and connected fund-raisers who have chosen to focus on sectors we understand and are genuinely passionate about.

Our founders' experience and expertise in these core sectors give us a distinct advantage over other funds, offering a rare level of understanding to our partners.

And it's just one of several key factors that sets our team apart and allows us to bring real value to our partners on all sides of the investment equation.

A Little About You

The companies we partner with are, ideally, operating in our four priority sectors : biohacking, intelligent transportation, green technology and energy trading.

They are at earlier stages of company development.

And they are generally in seed/early fundraising rounds.

It is in these early phases of growth that our investments – monetary and expertise – can create the biggest impact.

If you meet any or all of these criteria, reach out to our team.

We like to connect with passionate entrepreneurs working on disruptive and sustainable technologies, especially those creating a positive impact on the world.